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Symbio Laboratories is committed to making the testing and analysis process as simple as possible for our customers. To ensure you have access to everything you need to meet your testing requirements, you’ll be able to find links to essential resources and information, such as regulatory guidelines, standards, industry bodies, processes and more, below.

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Multi-PFAS Analysis by High Resolution LC/MS
food nutrition
food safety
fruit testing

Industry Resources

Food & Horticulture

Horticulture Industry Resources

Almond Board of Australia
Apple and Pear Australia Ltd
Australian Asparagus Council
Australian Banana Grower’s Council Inc
Australian Blueberry Growers Association Inc
Australian Custard Apple Growers Association Inc
Australian Ginger Industry Association
Australian Herb and Spice Industry Association Ltd
Australian Honeybee Industry Council
Australian Horticultural Exporters’ Association
Australian Lychee Growers’ Association
Australian Macadamia Society Ltd
Australian Mango Industry Association
Australian Melon Association Inc
Australian Mushroom Growers Association Ltd
Australian Nut Industry Council Inc
Australian Olive Association Ltd
Australian Organic
Australian Processing Tomato Research Council Inc
Australian Rubus Growers Association Inc (Now known as Fresh Berries)
Australian Sweetpotato Growers Association Inc
Australian Table Grape Association Inc
Australian Walnut Industry Association 
Australian Prune Industry Association
Avocados Australia Ltd
Botanical Resources Australia Pty Ltd
Cherry Growers of Australia Inc
Chestnuts Australia Inc
Citrus Australia Ltd
Custard Apples Australia Inc
Dried Fruits Australia
Fruit Growers Tasmania Inc
Fruit Growers Victoria Ltd
Hazelnut Growers of Australia Inc
National Farmers Federation
New South Wales Farmers Association
Nursery and Garden Industry Australia Ltd
Onions Australia
Papaya Australia
Persimmon Australia Inc
Pistachio Growers Association Inc
Produce Marketing Association Australia – New Zealand Ltd
Protected Cropping Australia
Queensland Farmers Federation
Strawberries Australia Inc
Summerfruit Australia Ltd
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
The Australian Lavender Growers’ Association Inc
Tropical Exotic Fruit Australia Inc
Turf Producers Australia Ltd
Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria
Vegetables WA
Victorian Farmers Federation
Voice of Horticulture


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