Worryingly high levels of PFAS water contamination found at airport work sites
(via awa.asn.au)

Published 01 August 2018

The Gold Coast airport expansion has recently been rocked with controversy after reports emerged that workers were not notified about high levels of PFAS contamination at work sites.

The ABC recently obtained reports through freedom of information (FOI) laws that some workers were made aware of the presence of the chemical back when works began in 2016. However, they were told that levels were too low to be of any consequence, while others were not made aware of the contamination at all.

Affected workers spent months wading through groundwater to lay pipes and other infrastructure for the airport expansion. A doctor who conducted blood tests on some of the workers found three showed elevated levels of PFAS, while others showed borderline levels.

Source: awa.asn.au

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