Legionella Testing

Worried that your business may at risk to an outbreak in legionella bacteria? Don’t worry!  Symbio Laboratories is more than capable of assisting you with your legionella testing needs. Our Laboratories (located nationally) are NATA Accredited for the analysis of legionella bacteria with a limit of detection as low as 1cfu/mL.

Our laboratories are equipped to deliver a fast turnaround time for legionella testing with preliminary reporting on the day of a potentially positive result. If the results are:

  • No detection – Final Legionella bacteria results will be available on day seven;
  • Positive detection – Legionella bacteria results will be confirmed at day seven using MALDI-ToF technology.

It’s critical for organisations such as hospital, health care facilities, aged care facilities, schools and hotels to test their plumbing facilities for legionella bacteria to reduce the risk of patrons contracting Legionnaires Disease. You can find Symbio Laboratories’ “Water Risk Management Plans – What You Need To Know”, an informative blog post to assist business’ help prevent Legionnaires Disease by clicking here.

Additionally, Symbio Laboratories has numerous value-adding service available to you! Try our eResults platform, which gives you 24/7 convenient access to all your historical analytical testing information; or even our ProMaps function, which displays site sample points and corresponding sample data to help pinpoint risk areas in your business!