Symbio Laboratories Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Symbio Laboratories has one of the broadest range of testing capabilities for the environmental testing market, making us the first choice for many environmental consultants, water authorities and waste water treatment companies.

Our laboratories  are  equipped  with  the  most  advanced  analytical  instrumentation available to ensure that detection limits meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Regular Testing & Surveillance

Symbio Laboratories conducts a wide array of tests on water, soil, effluent, surfaces and air to ensure that the health of the immediate and wider environment is not compromised as a result of your production activities.

Compliance with requirements set by the Environmental Protection Authority, relevant Occupational Health and Safety bodies, as well as individual food safety plans demands constant surveillance of the many by-products of agricultural and food manufacturer businesses.

Symbio Laboratories conducts regular testing for a range of chemical, residue and microbiological tests relating to:

  • Soil
  • Plant material
  • Water Testing
  • Air quality
  • Effluent
  • Surfaces


Analysis of timber products and treatment solutions must be conducted to stringent Australian standards. Symbio Laboratories is one of the few laboratories in Australia set up to conduct the range of tests on timber necessary to satisfy Australian standards.

Timber products and solutions can be tested for:

  • CCA elements
  • Sapwood/Heartwood
  • Density
  • Tebuconazole, Propiconazole and Permethrin
  • Bifenthrin
  • Density
  • Penetration
  • Minerals
  • Density

Symbio Service and Assistance

Where appropriate, we can provide trained staff to take the samples for you – a valuable service when third party surveillance is required. For customers outside our sampling area, kits and full instructions can be supplied to simplify the process of taking a representative sample and submitting for analysis.