Environmental Account Manager

Symbio Laboratories Appoints Dr Grazia Gargiulo

Symbio Laboratories is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Grazia Gargiulo as a new Environmental Account Manager.

Grazia comes to Symbio Laboratories with a background in environmental consulting and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience which will assist Symbio Laboratories to expand its environmental testing capabilities into new and existing markets.

Grazia’s main focus will be to provide technical support to our clients in the environmental sector with the focus to work together with our customers to assist with their environmental testing requirements for:

  • Soil and sediment – dredging spoils, contaminated land sites, acid sulphate soil and agricultural soil
  • Air quality – dust
  • Waste – effluent, solid wastes
  • Microbiological testing, including natural attenuation and bioremediation.

To find out more about how Symbio Laboratories can assist you with your environmental testing requirements, simply call 1300 703 166or email admin@symbiolabs.com.au.

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