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In a positive move for both companies, Symbio Laboratories Pty Ltd (Symbio) has acquired Sydney based laboratory company Advanced Analytical Australia Pty Ltd (AAA) on 31st May 2017. 

AAA provides a broad range of chemistry, microbiology and DNA-based analytical testing services, to customers in the Environmental, Food, Agrichemical and Biopharmaceutical market sectors.

Symbio’s scale and scope of testing is broader than AAA, but with AAA having some tests and specialist expertise that Symbio did not previously have, the combined customer base will benefit from having access to additional services.

In addition to routine testing in food and environmental sectors, AAA also has specialist skills and expertise in the low-level detection of analytes that meet or exceed regulatory specifications, as well as detection of uncommon analytes and complex sample matrices using advanced analytical techniques.

As an example, AAA was an early adopter of testing for the PFAS compounds which are now the subject of increased scrutiny as a potential environmental contaminant.

Symbio will continue to operate the AAA business from their current premises for several months after the settlement date, but we will then progressively move into Symbio’s existing laboratories in each state.

AAA was privately owned by Atilla Tottszer and Andrew Bradbury.  As part of the acquisition both former owners  are staying on to work in the combined business.

Please direct all queries to Mr David Phillips, Joint Managing Director, Symbio Laboratories

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