Symbio Laboratories acquires Enviro-Check Enterprises Pty Ltd

As part of Symbio Laboratories’ commitment to providing top-tier environmental analysis, we are excited to announce the increase in our number of laboratories, with the acquisition of Enviro-Check Enterprises sites in Townsville and Perth.

The acquisition, part of Symbio’s five year strategic plan, sees Symbio Laboratories’ first presence in Western Australia and extends our reach further into North Queensland, where we are excited to expand our environmental testing capabilities.

Enviro-Check Enterprises Pty Ltd (ECE) has been providing high quality environmental and water quality testing and consulting services for compliance, operations and system management since 1999 after pioneering a fully quantitative single-step method of 16-24 hour E.Coli, Thermotolerant and coliform bacteria detection. Like Symbio Laboratories, ECE is a Quarantine Approved Premises, and is 100% Australian owned.

The addition of ECE into the Symbio Group of laboratories provides us with an expansion of the scope of testing we can offer to the mining and healthcare industries.

With sites now in four Australian states and territories, Symbio proudly offers services from eight (8) locations.  The additions will allow Symbio to further service customers in the environmental sector while our commitment to our clients in the food and agriculture industries continues to go from strength to strength.

Our customers can expect more of the same high quality testing, expert customer service, and faster turnarounds, with the added convenience of more locations for our North Queensland and Western Australian clients.

To find out more about Enviro-Check Enterprises visit our website,

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