2016 Australian Grain Industry Conference

Getting More From Less – Messages from the 2016 Grain Conference

The Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) 2016 is the ‘must attend’ event on the grains industry calendar annually and is recognised as the premier grains industry conference. Symbio Laboratories took advantage of the opportunity to meet with clients, catch up with friends and colleagues and hear the latest developments in the industry by participating as an exhibitor at this event.

Over 950 delegates attended this year with the bulk of attendees being traders in what is becoming an increasingly competitive and global market. This years program was built around the theme “Sound Foundations: Fresh Horizons” which reflected the opportunities that are in front of the Australian grains industry as it matures and adapts to a more competitive and increasingly global environment.

Presentations on the progress of grain innovation and trading initiatives from competitors including Mexico and the Black Sea served as a stark reminder that Australian producers need to maintain an increased investment in research if we are to deliver on the productivity increases required to even maintain our current position and player in international grain trade. The latest ANZ review states that Australian agriculture needs to lift productivity by 10% by 2030 in order to maintain global competitiveness.

Jack Bobo from Intrexon reinforced the message that globally food production is under considerable stress.  World population growth is predicted to rise from the current level of 7 billion to 9 billion in 2050, while land availability for food production continues to decline. Investment in research has seen dramatic increases in productivity as measured against a bushel of corn from 1980 to 2011:

  • 40% less land
  • 60% less erosion of soil
  • 50% less water
  • 40% less energy
  • 35% less green house gases.

Even after such advances, agriculture is now finding itself being hindered by ill informed consumer choices driving market demand for foods that can only be grown less efficiently – using more resources rather than less.

Australian grain producers are under pressure to ensure the lowest possible cost of the supply chain and fastest speed of receival of grain in order to meet global market benchmarks. Increasingly though, our global clients are using technical barriers to grain importation by demanding more and more extensive residue lists with lower MRL’s – even for compounds not sold in Australia.

Symbio Laboratories works closely with the National Residue Survey to ensure that we are on the front foot, providing up to date and validated testing options to Australian grain companies marketing to a range of standards world wide. By staying fully informed of market trends and pressures, Symbio Laboratories is ensuring our offering of tests is not only relevant, but cost effective and rapid.

For further information about how Symbio Laboratories can assist you with your grain testing requirements, simply call 1300 703 166 or email admin@symbiolabs.com.au today.

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