New Microbiology Robot | BD Kiestra InoqulA+

Symbio Laboratories’ Brisbane Microbiology team have welcomed their fully-automated agar plating robot, the BD Kiestra InoqulA+ into the fold. This machine will be one of the first in the Southern Hemisphere to service the Food, Beverage and Environmental industries.

The new BD Kiestra InoqulA+ is capable of lining up to 350 agar plates an hour (dependent on the agar stroke). By investing in this new technology, Symbio’s goal is too:
✔️ Increase our efficiency for agar plating;
✔️ Improve the accuracy of our plating through removing human error;
✔️ Improve traceability through automation;
✔️ Reduce the costs incurred by our clients!

This is just one step in Symbio Laboratories’ business goals to provide customers with a high-quality and cost-effective analytical testing service with the fastest turnaround times available.

Below are some photographs and a short YouTube video of the BD Kiestra InoqulA+ in action in our Brisbane Laboratory.