A Tribute To The Australian Agricultural Community

While Australian agricultural export continues to excite growing overseas markets with its renowned quality, it is those that work within the sector to which praise is due, as they continue to uphold Australia’s legacy of developing and implementing innovation, and growing the reputation of Australian product.

With harsh conditions and vast distances for transport, the Australian agricultural sector has long embraced science and technology to reach new levels of growth and record demand for Australian product abroad, particularly in the rapidly growing Asian market.

Boundless Plains to Share

Boundless Plains to Share is the largest campaign ever conducted to showcase the Australian agricultural sector’s commitment to science, technology and innovation, and is a tribute to the Australian farming community. The immense publication, which you can view for free here, contains informative essays and feature articles, by scientists, including current Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, prominent thinkers, historians and respected authors offering opinions, predictions, warnings, facts and stories on topics including:

  • The Big Questions for Australian Agribusiness
  • What Asia Wants
  • The Business of Australian Agriculture
  • Focus on Australia’s States and Regions
  • Innovation in Australian Agribusiness
  • Interviews with Agribusiness Leaders
  • Science, Technology and Biosecurity
  • Australia’s Education Sector
  • Australia’s Leadership in Soil Health
  • Veterinary Science and its Contributions
  • Proven and Premium Brands of Australia, and
  • Inside the Australian Agricultural Industry

Symbio Laboratories is a proud supporter of this campaign, with a strong commitment to providing high-level analysis of Australian agricultural product, and is featured in Boundless Plains to Share’s Science, Technology and Biosecurity section.

Please feel free to view and share the digital publication, which has been “created for a worldwide audience including specialists, students, consumers, buyers, scientists, industry leaders and government officials”.

We hope you find it both enjoyable and informative.

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