On Wednesday March 29, Symbio Laboratories will be partnering with the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and FRC Environmental for Water – A Magical Mystery Tour, in two parts. This event will include of a series of laboratory tours, and informative workshops on water quality assessment and monitoring at the Brisbane Technology Park.

With presentations from senior environmental practitioners, including Symbio Laboratories’ own environmental specialist Dr Grazia Gargiulo, the day promises to be a rewarding event for attendees of all levels of experience to brush up on important methods, learn new processes, and rub shoulders with others in the field.

Symbio is proud to be partnering with this event, which kicks off with tours of our Brisbane chemical and microbiology laboratories.

For those attending the afternoon’s workshop, the EIANZ says participants can expect to learn about:

  • Water chemistry in the context of water quality assessment and monitoring,
  • Practical tips for getting the best out of the services of a water quality analytical laboratory,
  • Australia’s and Queensland’s water quality guidelines and the role of these guidelines in setting and monitoring regulatory standards,
  • Setting regulatory standards for the treatment of water prior to its disposal to land and waters,
  • The repair of degraded water resources

For more information, or to register for attend this exciting initiative, visit https://www.eianz.org/events/event/WaterQuality.

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