Symbio Laboratories assists some of Australia’s largest food suppliers and manufacturers in meeting their food reporting requirements, ensuring they’re able to continue providing high quality products to the public.

But we aren’t content with providing a solution for only part of our clients’ reporting needs.

Committed to providing one go-to Australian-owned and operated destination for testing and analysis, Symbio Laboratories also offers the expertise and capabilities to meet your environmental monitoring, testing and analysis requirements.

Our range of environmental capabilities allows us to conduct analysis on a wide range of sample matrices ranging from air and water, to soils and hazardous waters with the turnaround times you need. Our expert team is equipped to conduct regular testing and environmental analysis of:

  • Drinking water/ determination of potability,
  • Waste and effluent,
  • Irrigation water,
  • Soil and ground water,
  • Surface water bodies, such as rivers and lakes.
Symbio Laboratories Algae Analysis

In addition to servicing environmental consultants, government agencies and water authorities, Symbio Laboratories’ team of experts proudly provide consistent, accurate results for a diverse range of customers, including:

  • Food Manufacturers,
  • Meat Processors,
  • Wineries and Breweries, and
  • those in agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture industries.

If you require expert advice on your environmental testing requirements, get in touch with Symbio’s Environmental Account Manager, Dr Grazia Gargiulo, or our qualified team on 1300 703 166, or at

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