Symbio Laboratories is pleased to announce that environmental depositional dust analysis is now available through our laboratories across Australia as part of our expanding environmental capability.

Dust emissions can be generated from the following sources:

  • Vehicle movements on sealed or unsealed roads
  • Mines and quarries
  • Road works/constructiondust deposition bottle with stand
  • Housing developments
  • Waste handling facilities
  • Numerous industrial operations, including grain drying and storage, timber mills, stonemasons, mineral processing, cement handling and batching and fertiliser storage and processing.

Dust deposition is dust that settles out of the ambient air. Dust deposition gauges, located in strategic locations, are normally utilised to collect the samples. They collect the dust settling over a fixed surface area over a period of time. The dust is removed from the gauge, filtered and weighed and the results are reported in terms of the weight of dust collected per unit of surface area over a fixed period of time e.g. g/m2/30 days.

The equipment used for deposition monitoring typically collects dust particles greater than about 10–20 microns. The main attraction of the deposit gauge method is its relatively low cost and simplicity.

Measurement period is typically 1 month and cannot be reduced to anything less than about 15 days without a significant loss in sensitivity.

Symbio Laboratories can supply you dust deposition gauges and stands to assist you with your dust measurements projects. To find out more, simply call 1300 703 166 or email