On Saturday 31st December, Channel 7’s Creek to Coast featured a segment on the year-round monitoring of blue-green algae in Queensland’s waterways. While following water authority Seqwater, the piece also includes an interesting insight into how Symbio Laboratories assists in the important process.

Symbio Laboratories has provided testing and analysis for Seqwater since early 2016. Without a strong commitment to the highest level of service and quality results, the monitoring of Australia’s waterways and other environments can be left in jeopardy. Consequently, undetected high levels of microorganisms such as blue-green algae can have serious health impacts on humans and animals, putting those living nearby and receiving products from these areas in potential danger.

See how Symbio Laboratories’ expert staff conduct their algae analysis and analyse water samples below, or at the Creek to Coast page.

As an Australian owned and operated provider of high quality environmental testing and analysis, Symbio Laboratories proudly services the important work of Seqwater to keep Queensland’s waterways and reservoirs safe for recreation and consumption.

In addition to algae analysis, such as the monitoring of blue-green algae concentrations, Symbio Laboratories provides a range of environmental monitoring, testing and analysis services including those related to soil, air, effluent, plant material and surfaces.

For more information on Symbio Laboratories’ algae analysis, read our blog on algal bloom monitoring.

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