Legionnaire's Symbio Laboratories

Legionnaire's outbreaks harmful to public and brand health

Food & water-borne illness outbreaks like Legionnaire's can have ramifications on public health & brand reputation. Why risk it? Symbio Laboratories can help.

MALDI-ToF Confirmation of Pathogens - Symbio Laboratories

Symbio Laboratories is NATA accredited for MALDI-ToF confirmation of pathogens Listeria, Salmonella & Legionella. Save DAYS in turnaround times. Read more..
Symbio Laboratories Microbiology

Understanding your Samples - Spreaders

A number of factors can affect the microbiological result of a sample. One such factor that occurs from time to time is the presence of “Spreaders”.

Symbio Laboratories acquires Enviro-Check Enterprises Pty Ltd - Expands Reach

As part of Symbio Laboratories’ commitment to providing top-tier environmental analysis, we are excited to announce the increase in our number of laboratories, with the acquisition of Enviro-Check Enterprises sites in Townsville and Perth.