Understanding Listeria Free eBook Symbio Laboratories

Controlling Listeria Free eBook

Get a better understanding of Listeria, the threat the species pose, common locations, and prevention and control methods with Symbio Laboratories' comprehensive guide.
Legionnaire's Symbio Laboratories

Legionnaire's outbreaks harmful to public and brand health

Food & water-borne illness outbreaks like Legionnaire's can have ramifications on public health & brand reputation. Why risk it? Symbio Laboratories can help.

MALDI-ToF Confirmation of Pathogens - Symbio Laboratories

Symbio Laboratories is NATA accredited for MALDI-ToF confirmation of pathogens Listeria, Salmonella & Legionella. Save DAYS in turnaround times. Read more..
Symbio Laboratories Microbiology

Understanding your Samples - Spreaders

A number of factors can affect the microbiological result of a sample. One such factor that occurs from time to time is the presence of “Spreaders”.

Symbio Laboratories acquires Enviro-Check Enterprises Pty Ltd - Expands Reach

As part of Symbio Laboratories’ commitment to providing top-tier environmental analysis, we are excited to announce the increase in our number of laboratories, with the acquisition of Enviro-Check Enterprises sites in Townsville and Perth.